CADeON Slab SA is a powerful and easy-to-use design software for Hollow Core Slabs and Structural Analysis and Strength Calculation, developed with the latest technology, which can be integrated into the ERP and Production Control System of any Precast Manufacturer as well as different CAD and other Design programs.

CADeON Slab SA factory integrated hollow-core design and strength calculation system improves and accelerates design, communication, change management throughout the supply and design chain; the designer - the factory - site project management.

Features and benefits:
  • You can design an unlimited number of Hollow Core Slabs and Hollow Core Slab layers
  • Manufacturer's own HCS profiles and strand options in system as well as design rules
  • Free adding and editing of reservations or later in Hollow Core Slab design
  • Pre-designed tile dimensional drawings can be printed and saved directly from the preview window.
  • Precast element, material and equipment lists are created by a push of a button
  • Open interface to ERP systems and other Design and CAD programs
  • Based on latest European codes, US codes and standards
  • National Annexes included
  • Optimize strand combination and positions according to given loads, Supplier's design and production rules
  • Accurate calculation
  • Possibility to design and calculate different floor types
  • Easy to change cross-sections/cross-section analysis
  • Easy change of strand patterns
  • Output according to authority needs
  • Short ROI
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