New Era of Amount and Cost Calculation in Concstruction sites and offices! CADeON Amount is developed by using latest technology. You can easily download to program PDF-pictures, scanned paper pictures and CAD drawings in dwg-format and start amount and cost calculation.

  • replace traditionally used Engineer's and Architect's Scale and Calculator
  • effective tool for Construction Companies, Ground, Garden and Outdoor Construction and Renovation Companies.
  • structures used during calculation and calculation methods are usable later in new projects. Program learn the user's calculation method.
  • program shows clearly what is calculated and where the calculation is missing.
  • Amount and Cost Calculation reports are available on paper and in elelectonical format and can be exported to 3rd party systems.
  • time savings
  • more certainty to calculations
  • savings in printing costs
  • calculation of all pictures and drawings
  • better offers
  • less recalculation
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